Zhuhai Aobo Electronic Material
R & D Team

As a professional nail glue manufacturer, we provide nail glue base materials of most famous brands in the market, and the brand manufacturers carry out sub-packaging. Therefore, the strong technical force is recognized by the market.

  The factory has a main laboratory with comprehensive experimental equipment, equipped with high-precision analytical balance, color matching box, drying box, centrifugal separator, spectrum analyzer, spectrophotometer and professional color matching light box.

   As a supplier of raw materials in the market, we have the ability and technical force to conduct professional testing on the color fastness, gloss, adhesion, etc. of the glue.

The factory is now equipped with two professional colorists, three laboratory analytical technicians with a bachelor’s degree, and cooperates with internationally renowned testing companies such as SGS, ITS, etc., and has worked on the heavy metals and aromatic hydrocarbons of the rubber. Special testing, and obtain relevant qualifications and certifications.

  According to market requirements, Aobo’s future experimental direction will focus on developing and improving the stability of one-step glue, and continue to innovate towards the professional, technical, and high-end experimental concepts to create a beautiful world for women!





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